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Southampton Football Club - 2017/18 Ticketing Policy

Home Tickets

Tickets for our home Premier League fixtures will go on sale five weeks before the game is due to be played. Tickets are available to purchase online at, by telephone on 02381 780 780 or in person from the Ticket Office. Sale dates may vary, however all ticket news will be released via the Club’s official channels as and when it is available. Click here for the latest ticketing availability and more information.

In the first instance, tickets will initially go on sale to 2017/18 Official Members. The priority purchase windows will be as follows:

  • Category A fixtures – 7 days
  • Category B fixtures – 3 days

For some Category A games, tickets will only be offered to supporters with a previous purchase history.

For the 2017/18 season, should tickets be available following the priority period for 2017/18 Official Members, tickets will then go on sale to supporters who have purchased tickets for at least one home fixture from the current season. For certain fixtures that are in high demand, we may need to introduce additional purchase requirements within the members’ priority sale.

For all fixtures, tickets are limited to 1 per Supporter Number, to allow supporters to build up a purchase history with the Club. As purchases cannot be applied to different accounts retrospectively, it is important to make sure tickets are assigned to the correct Supporter Numbers so as not to affect your chances of obtaining tickets for the higher profile fixtures, where tickets are sold based on a past purchase history.

Supporters wishing to sit in the Family Areas may only do so if accompanied by a Child. Tickets in the Family Areas are sold strictly on a maximum ratio of two Adults per every one Child (Under-18 or Under-11). For the purpose of calculating the ratio, Adults, Over 65s and 18-21s are treated the same, and therefore must be accompanied by an Under-18 or Under-11 year old in order to sit in these areas. For instance, three Adults and one Under-18 would not be able to purchase in these areas, but three Adults, one Over 65 and two Under-18s would. Please note, for all cup games, the Family Areas are de-classified, so any supporters may purchase tickets in these areas.

For any home cup ties, the Club will offer an exclusive period for Season Ticket holders and Official Members to purchase tickets in advance of general sale. Depending on the fixture, not all areas of the Stadium may be offered for sale; however we will notify all supporters of which Blocks are available to purchase when the ticket information is released.

All tickets purchased from Southampton Football Club are for the use of home supporters only. Any visiting supporter who purchases tickets for the home sections of the ground risks having the tickets confiscated with no refund offered. Any visiting supporter wishing to attend fixtures at St Mary’s should only obtain tickets through their club, and not purchase any for the areas reserved for Southampton supporters.

We offer concessionary tickets for those supporters aged 65 and over and Young Adults aged 18-21, as well as Under-18 and Under-11 tickets. Concessionary tickets may only be used by supporters of the relevant age, for instance Adult supporters may not attempt to enter the stadium using an Under-18 ticket. Any supporters found to have entered the stadium on a concessionary ticket that they are not eligible for will be ejected with no refund offered for the ticket they purchased.

Supporters wishing to upgrade a concessionary ticket to the appropriate age, i.e. upgrading an Under-11 ticket to an Adult ticket may do so at the Ticket Office at any point before the game.

As per the Ground Regulations, no supporter under the age of two years old will be permitted entry to the Stadium. Any child aged two or three will only be admitted providing that they can support themselves unaided in a seat. Supporters aged 13 years or younger will not be permitted entry to the Stadium without an accompanying Adult. The final decision on matters of entry on Matchday lies with the Safety Officer.

Refunds will only be made in accordance with the Ticket Terms and Conditions. Tickets will only be refunded if they are received by the Club more than 48 hours prior to Kick Off, and are subject to a cancellation fee of £2 per ticket. Refunds cannot be accepted for games that have been declared a sell-out.

Home Games are split into two categories as follows:

Category A games

  • AFC Bournemouth
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Crystal Palace
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Tottenham Hotspur

Category B games 

  • Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Burnley
  • Everton
  • Huddersfield Town
  • Leicester City
  • Newcastle United
  • Stoke City
  • Swansea City
  • Watford
  • West Bromwich Albion
  • West Ham United

Click here for details on match ticket prices.

Tickets for Disabled Supporters

We offer a reduced ticket price in all areas of the Stadium for supporters who meet the Club’s criteria for Disabled Tickets. The first time that Disabled Tickets are purchased, we require one of the following documents to be provided to the Ticket Office to prove your eligibility:

  • DLA (Middle or Higher rate care component, or Higher rate mobility component)
  • PIP – Standard or Enhanced rate Mobility component, or Enhanced rate Daily Living component
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • War Pension 

All supporters who meet the above criteria are entitled to 1 enabler ticket Free of Charge when purchasing a Disabled Ticket.

2017/18 Official Membership

Memberships are limited to 1 per person, and full details of pricing and benefits can be found here

During the priority period for home and away tickets, 2017/18 Official Members will be entitled to purchase 1 ticket per membership. For certain fixtures that are in high demand, we may need to introduce additional purchase requirements within the members’ priority sale.

Away Tickets

Tickets for away games will usually go on sale three-to-four weeks before the game is played, and will first be offered to Season Ticket holders who have attended a certain number of away games from this or last season. The numbers involved will vary from game to game, but will be published with the ticket sales information approximately four-to-five weeks before the game.

When on sale to Season Ticket holders, tickets will only be sold at the relevant rate of the Season Ticket holder. For example, an Adult Season Ticket holder is only entitled to an Adult match ticket, an Under-18 Season Ticket holder is only entitled to the appropriate concessionary ticket offered by the away club and so on. Under-18 or Under-11 Season Tickets cannot be used to purchase away Adult match tickets under any circumstances.

2017/18 Official Members will be given an exclusive priority period prior to general sale, subject to remaining ticket availability.

All tickets for away games are strictly limited to one ticket per qualifying Supporter Number, irrespective of whether or not the game makes general sale.

Depending on the allocation received by the Club, for certain fixtures no refunds will be accepted. This will be advertised in the ticket sales information when it is published.


The following fees are applicable to all tickets purchased:
Online: £1.00 booking fee per ticket
Telephone: £2.50 booking fee per ticket

Please note, when purchasing online, no booking fees will be charged should you select the Print@Home option, or if the ticket is uploaded to your Official Membership card.In addition, the following fees apply: 

  • Matchday Premium: a £2.00 surcharge will be applied to all tickets bought on the day of the game
  • Forgotten Season Tickets: There will be a £5.00 fee to reprint a ticket for the match
  • Forgotten/Lost Match Tickets: There will be a £5.00 fee to reprint a match ticket
  • Lost Season Tickets: There will be a £25.00 fee to reprint all lost Season Cards
  • If a Season Ticket is stolen, on production of a Crime Reference Number issued by the Police, the £25.00 reprint fee will be waived.