Saints Academy


Southampton Football Club acknowledges and accepts it has a responsibility for the well-being and safety of all children and young people who are under SFC’s care or using its facilities. It is the duty of all adults working in the Club to safeguard the welfare of children and young people by creating an environment that protects them from harm. The well-being of children and young people is paramount for all staff. The Club has a Safeguarding Manager who has the responsibility for the safeguarding of children and there are two Safeguarding Officers/Academy Liaison Officers who work within the Academy. These Officers have special responsibilities and are the focal point for safeguarding children. Anyone with a concern about a child’s welfare should contact either one of the Safeguarding Officers or the Safeguarding Manager, for advice in the first instance – details below.

To download and read our full Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures document, please click here.

Head of Safeguarding
Margaret Sainsbury
02380 711965
07930 399213

Safeguarding Officers
Ian Herding
07880 314533

Emma Walker
07880 314534