Video: Mark's road to Vienna

By SFC Media Tue 11 Jul Saints Foundation

After 12 years in the Armed Forces, Mark Ridley’s life was turned upside down after a serious motorcycle accident, where Mark and his then partner were both left severely injured.

Two years later Mark still suffers with numerous lasting injuries, including Brachial Plexus, with permanent damage done to the nerve system that connects his spine and shoulder.

Along with leaving Mark with a paralysed shoulder and almost no feeling in his left arm, he has also had to contend with several mental health issues from the resulting brain damage, and in the last two years he has struggled with PTSD, amnesia, anxiety and depression.

After Mark started playing for his local disability football team, Andover Streets Ahead, in June 2017 he was selected by Saints Foundation to represent Southampton FC in Austria Vienna’s International Disability Football Tournament, which gave him a new lease of life and the motivation to carry on pursuing his goals.

Play on the Pitch event returns for 2018!
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Play on the Pitch event returns for 2018!

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