Davis Looks For Royals Double

By SFC Media Fri 05 Apr Club

Kelvin Davis is confident that Southampton can maintain their fine form on Saturday to record a double of victories over Reading in the Barclays Premier League.

The Club Captain says the squad is eager to prolong their winning streak after securing back-to-back home victories over Liverpool and Chelsea, with a long awaited away success firmly on Saints’ agenda.

“Obviously there’s been a lot said about our wins over the big teams,” he told Saints Player. “We know it’s about winning every game and we’ve put ourselves in a position where we’ll be looking up the league rather than behind us, so we’re very much looking forward to the game on Saturday as it’s another opportunity for us to get three points. 

“It’s away from home which is always tough, but there are fine lines in the Premier League whether you’re at the bottom or the top. We’re in a state of mind where we feel as though we can win every game at the moment and we’ll certainly be going there to try and do that.”

Both Saints and Reading were promoted out of the Championship last season, and Davis admits he was using the Royals as a marker for success this time around.

He said: “When you’ve got two promoted teams as we have here in their first season in the Premier League, you look to those teams as the ones that are going to be in and around you, so you compare yourself with those teams. 

“When I look back on the win they had here (last season) it was a difficult night for us because we felt that we were the better team and that night we didn’t manage to get across the line. 

“We put a few things right this season at home this season, but now we want to push on again and we’re not silly enough to not look at the table and think that these type of games are not vitally important to us.”

Saturday’s contest at the Madejski Stadium will see Saints reunited with former manager Nigel Adkins, and Davis says he wasn’t shocked by the Royals’ appointment.

“I’m sure he wanted to get back into football as soon as he could like most managers do when they move on from a club for one reason or another,” he explained. “They want to stay in the game, so from that side of things it didn’t surprise me, no.

“I would imagine Nigel Adkins will be looking at us in the same way because we achieved a lot whilst he was at the club in a short space of time, and the club is continuing to grow without him now.

“I’m sure he’s fully aware that he’s got a job to do at Reading and we’re going to continue the job here.”

Kelvin went on to highlight the impact that Mauricio Pochettino has since had on the Saints squad and why the team are reaping the benefits of the Argentine’s management style.

“What I can say hand on heart is that the manner of which the new manager has come in and the way that the club has lifted itself to a new level, certainly shows that it was a decision that has been proved right.

“There’s certainly been a rise in player performance, maybe a little bit of something different or extra ingredients into the coaching sessions that are put on and the lads are reacting positively to it. 

“It doesn’t always work out that way as we know in football, but Mauricio and the staff have come in and not tried to change anything aggressively, they come in and speak to the lads by communicating well and everything they try to instil, the lads are soaking up and we’re putting that into performances.

“There’s a mannerism about him whereby you don’t feel as low as you would do if you’re not in the team, you don’t feel as though we’ll that’s me for two, six, eight games or half a season, you feel as though ok that’s his decision for this game, so I’ll have a good week’s training next week to try and get in next time and I think that’s the general consensus amongst the team.


“He’s picking the team from the performances in training and subsequently performing in games so we all feel as though we’ve got a chance of playing.”

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